5 Occasions to Send Gifts to Your Loved Ones in Philippines

Almost everyone in this world wants to celebrate some special days of the year with their loved ones located far off. They want to send gifts to their loved ones located in other parts of the world, but due to the hectic postal services they satisfy themselves with mere greetings only. Online stores operating in all parts of the world are there to reach out to your relatives living far off also. For the relatives of people living in the Philippines and Manila, it is especially a great news as they can send gifts to Philippines now from wherever they located in the world.

send gifts to PhilippinesOccasions to send gifts

  1. Chinese New Year-Every year on the 31st of January with massive celebrations happen in China and its adjoining areas on Chinese New Year. On this day, resident of Philippines wishes his presence in his homeland, but due to work constraints, he or she is unable to go. After sending gifts to their homeland, they would not regret this at least.
  2. Valentine’s Day– Every lover located far off wants to gift his girlfriend, her favorite flowers and gifts on this day. Thus, if you are looking for a day to send your love to your girlfriend then Valentine’s Day is the best one for it.
  3. Easter day– You can do gifts delivery to Manila on the day of Jesus resurrection also. The city of Manila is populated with a massive Christian population, thus to send gifts it is the best occasion.
  4. Christmas and New Year- The start of the New Year is celebrated with massive celebrations in the Philippines and Manila. You can also be a part of this day through your gifts.
  5. Pahiyas Festival- Little is known about this harvesting festival celebrated in this part of the world, but for some people it is a day of massive celebrations. A member from an agricultural family would surely regret missing a day like this but by sending wonderful gifts he may not regret that.