5 Lovable Balloon Decorations to Make your Celebration Special

Balloon Decorations to Make your Celebration Special (1)

Balloons are one of the jolliest supplies to decorate any celebration place. First of all they are very cost effective and bright supplies that can make any place attractive. You can decorate any event with the help of balloons by making artistic arcs out of it or just let them leave in the floor. Here we have some amazing and lovable balloon decoration ideas that would make your celebration special.

1) Balloon Flowers

Balloon Flowers

Balloon flower arrangement is one of most beautiful decoration made out of balloons. This would definitely make celebration venue look beautiful and grand. These balloon flowers can either be used to decorate centre stage or the walls of the room. These balloon flowers can be made with the help 4 to 5 or the number of petal you want in your balloon flowers. Two latex balloons are to be tie up together and one by one other ones are added. And your balloon flower is ready.

2) Ceiling Decoration using Balloons

Ceiling Decoration using Balloons

Balloons are not only useful for decorating celebration but also used to decor your house. It can make a dull area look attractive. So if you are bored of your room and want to give a new dimension to it, Blow up so many latex balloons that would be able to cover your entire ceiling. There are light balloons also available online that can be used for covering your ceiling give the room a beautiful look also use curling ribbons to tie the balloons.

3) Heart Shape Balloon Decoration

Heart Shape Balloon Decoration

This will be the perfect decor if you are planning to propose your girlfriend for marriage. It is quite simple and easy, first of all make a rough sketch of heart on the wall or on a huge cardboard which you can later hang on the wall. You can use either latex balloons or Mylar red glittery heart shaped balloons and make it 3D by pasting balloons one over other. You can make balloon delivery ordering these balloons online.

4) Balloon Surprise

Balloon Surprise

You can surprise your better half or any friends with different type of balloon decorations. As for example Inflatable Teddy Bear Balloon, A dining table decorated with bright balloons, Floor full of balloons etc. Many decorations can be done with the help of balloons. There are various fun party decorating ideas with balloons that would grace your occasion.

5) Balloon Arch Decoration

Balloon Arch Decoration

For making a balloon arch you require a chicken wire, fishing line, painter’s tape and lots of inflated balloons. Make the arch out of wire and tie balloons on it. Use painter’s tape so that it doesn’t damage the paint of wall. You can buy this online too.

Balloons can be used as decoration supplies for any event like Birthday, Wedding, Proposal, Engagement, Baby Shower, Graduation and so on. This is possible because they are available in various shapes, sizes, colors and themes. Balloon decor will surely add life to the party and bring your guests in the party mood.